Name Speakers
P1 Case Study: Diabetic Ketoacidosis as a Direct Consequence of Seroquel UseAlma Mia Martija, MD, CCHP-CP, DuPage County Jail
P2 Using Electronic Health Record Data for Improvement of Psychiatric DiagnosesLukas Bobak, BS, Case Western Reserve University
Ian Dorney, Case Western Reserve University
P3 Placement of Patients with a Mental Illness in Prisons vs. Medical Care Facilities: An Ethical AnalysisJennifer Geller, Rutgers
P4 Experiences of Incarcerated People With Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesHaley Sauro, BS, MS
P5 Effects of Incarceration on Maternal and Child Mental HealthRhea Rajasingham
Dwayla Marie Carty, Rutgers RWJ Medical School Women's Health Institute
Ruchi Singh, MBS, Women's Health Institute at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
P6 XR-BUP: Lessons from 500+ InjectionsJessica Krueger, MD, Colorado Department of Corrections
P7 Using Islamic Practices to Improve Accountability in Juvenile CorrectionsIsmail Ali, LPC, CCHP, Department of Corrections - Washington DC
P8 Improving Treatment With Extended-Release BuprenorphineCourtney Flynn, MPH, Indivior
P9 Evaluating the Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Suicide Assessment ScreeningTrent Peterson, Rubicon AI Inc