Join us for breakfast on Monday at 7 am and wake up with great discussions. Roundtables include: 

Name Speakers
RT - 01 Working with Gang-Entrenched Youth: Segregation vs. Integration
RT - 02 Collaboration in Juvenile Rehabilitation: Custody, Behavioral Health, and Restorative Justice
RT - 03 Navigating Pain with Boundaries: Maintaining Hopeful Healing
RT - 04 The Importance of a Team-Based Approach in Diagnosing and Managing Severe and Persistent Mental Illness
RT - 05 Trauma-Informed Care: Guidelines and Practical Implementation
RT - 06 Inadequate Sleep and Its Negative Effects
RT - 07 The Challenge of Assessing Functional and Neurocognitive Deficits
RT - 08 Enhancing Collaboration Among Courts, Criminal Justice Systems, and Community Mental Health through the Sequential Intercept Model
RT - 09 The Transformative Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Psychology and Professional Practices
RT -10 Antiracist Interventions: Tools for Change Within Mental Health Care
RT -11 Reforming Mental Health Treatment Through a DOJ Consent Decree
RT -12 Predict and Prevent Mental Health-Related Medical Malpractice Risks