Sessions of Interest to Leaders and Adminstrators

Saturday, April 27, 2024
P01 An In-Depth Review of NCCHC's Standards for Health Services in Jails and Prisons*Preconference Seminar
P02 An In-Depth Review of NCCHC's 2022 Standards for Juvenile Health Services*Preconference Seminar
P03 An In-Depth Review of NCCHC's 2015 Standards for Mental Health Services*Preconference Seminar
Sunday, April 28, 2024
P04 Understanding Psychopathy: From Clinical Lore to Evidence-Based Outcomes*Preconference Seminar
P05 Case Studies in Correctional Nursing: Practice, Standards and LeadershipPreconference Seminar
P07 Jail-Based Medication-Assisted Treatment: Planning, Implementation, and Improvement*Preconference Seminar
Monday, April 29, 2024
104 340B Drug Pricing Program: Navigating Compliance, Maximizing Savings*Conference Session
106 Tackling Systemic Racism in Corrections: An Open Forum*Conference Session
107 Lessons Learned From the Medicaid Waiver, Reentry, and Patient Care/ Understanding Traumatic Justice, Freedom Management, and the INVEST Difference(1)*Conference Session
111 Ace Your Deposition: Insider Tips from a Plaintiff's Attorney and a Defense Attorney*Conference Session
113 Fiscal Prudence: Striking a Balance Between Budget and Care*Conference Session
114 From Awareness to Action: Women's Experiences With Gender Microaggressions*Conference Session
115 Tuberculosis Identification, Treatment, and Prevention*Conference Session
117 Treating Serious Mental Illness With Innovative Trauma-Informed Care Techniques/Trauma Informed De-Escalation*(1)Conference Session
118 Mock Trial: How Poor Deposition Performance Haunts You at Trial*Conference Session
119 The Accreditation Lifestyle: It's a Process, Not an Event*Conference Session
120 Strategies for Preventing In-Custody Suicides*Conference Session
121 Developing Proper Sample Size Methodologies for CQI/ Improving Medical Service Delivery Through Relational Coordination*(1)Conference Session
123 Workplace Bullying: More Common Than You Think*Conference Session
125 Confidentiality, Mortality Reviews, and the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act*Conference Session
127 Managing Dietary Restrictions and Food Allergies*Conference Session
128 Required Care and Accommodations for Disabilities: Your EHR Can Help*Conference Session
Tuesday, April 30, 2024
RT - 01 Litigation Trends and Best Defense TacticsRoundtable Discussion
RT - 02 Know Your Limitations: When to Refer to a Higher Level of CareRoundtable Discussion
RT - 04 APRN Challenges: Staying Current on Treatment GuidelinesRoundtable Discussion
RT -05 Expansion of an Opioid Treatment Program in a Large JailRoundtable Discussion
RT - 06 Implementing Mental Health Services in New Zealand CorrectionsRoundtable Discussion
RT - 07 Generational Diversity: Why It Matters, What We Need to KnowRoundtable Discussion
RT - 08 Decompensation in Segregation: The Effects of Solitary ConfinementRoundtable Discussion
RT -10 Designing Normative Environments in CorrectionsRoundtable Discussion
RT -11 Strengthening Interdepartmental CollaborationRoundtable Discussion
RT -12 Addressing Barriers to MOUDRoundtable Discussion
130 Correctional Staff/Nursing Retention and EngagementConference Session
131 Improve Behavior With a 10-Session Anger Management Program*Conference Session
132 The Dos and Don'ts of Documentation: A Legal Defense Perspective*Conference Session
134 Developing an Effective Staffing Plan*Conference Session
135 An In-Depth Review of SAMHSA OTP Certification*Conference Session
139 Why Some Cases Settle and Others Go to Trial*Conference Session
140 Mastering Leadership: Strategies and Tactics for Success*Conference Session
143 Tips to Implementing the National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Change Program/Implementing the First Step Act: Engaging Patients in Their Diabetes Care(1)*Conference Session
145 Personality Impairment: Working With Challenging Individuals*Conference Session
146 Curbside Consults: Might Your State Have a Creative Solution?*Conference Session
147 Prison Hospice - The Time is Now*Conference Session
149 Coping With Occupational Stress*Conference Session
151 An Online In-Service Module to Enhance Understanding of Moral Distress Dynamics in Prison NursesConference Session
152 Using Peer Engagement Techniques to Reduce Substance Use Postrelease/ Using Peer Companions to Support Suicide Watch(1)*Conference Session
153 Legal Issues With Transgender Patients*Conference Session
154 Effective Onboarding: Prioritizing New Employees' Needs*Conference Session
155 Using the Performing Arts to Create Second ActsConference Session
158 The Intensive Mental Health Unit: Focusing on Overall Wellness*Conference Session
159 Risks and Costs of Desensitization: How to Prevent It*Conference Session
161 Benefits of Implementing Point-of-Care UltrasoundConference Session

Programs on Saturday and Sunday require separate registration. 

* Approved by the APA for CE credit for psychologists