A full agenda is coming soon. Below is the list of accepted presentations, roundtables, and posters.

A Holistic, Interdisciplinary Approach to Successful Reentry
A National Priority: Clinical Guidelines for Managing Substance Withdrawal In Jails
A New Model for Palliative Care in Corrections
A Winning Record: Exploring the Role of Medical Records in Litigation
Achieving Diagnostic Excellence through Metacognition
Addressing Addiction Treatment: Our Journey to Becoming a Licensed OTP
Addressing the Unique Challenges of Pregnancy in Corrections
Barriers to Treating and Diagnosing Catatonia: A Case Report
Be Here Now: Using Mindfulness to Improve Health Care Delivery
Best Practices for Complex Patients: Collaboration Between Health Care and Mental Health Staff
Better Handoff Reporting Leads to Better Patient Outcomes
Borderline Personality Disorder in Men: Common, But Underdiagnosed
Breaking Down Silos and Building Bridges for Effective Infection Control
Building Resiliency to Cope With Occupational Stress
Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, and Suicide Among Nurses
Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
Caring for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Case Study: Clinical & Procurement Tackle Wound Care 
Case Study: Human Error + System Failures = Adverse Outcomes and Liability
Chest Pain Protocols and Evolving ECG Standards
Clinical Decision Support Tools for Prescribing High-Alert Medications
Continuity of Care and Warm Handoffs From Prison
Crisis/Opportunity: How COVID-19 Led to Successful Health Care Innovations 
Culture Shift: Establishing a Near Miss Reporting System in a Major Correctional Facility
Defensive Charting: A Legal Perspective on the Do's and Don'ts of Documentation
Deposition Basics: Expect Challenges, Avoid Pitfalls
Developing Evidence-Based Assessment and Risk Prevention Programming for Justice-Involved Youth
Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, and the Eyes
Diagnostic Maneuvers You May Have Missed in Nursing School (Part 1)
Diagnostic Maneuvers You May Have Missed in Nursing School (Part 2)
Don't Reinvent the Wheel: Tips for a Successful Health Services RFP and Selection Process
Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases: Learn from the Past
Essentials of Nursing Documentation Practices
Gender-Affirming Surgery for Transgender Patients: Mental Heatlh Evaluation
Health Care and Housing for Transgender and Nonbinary People in Custody: A Legal Perspective
High, Psychotic, or Just Noncompliant? Managing the Acutely Agitated Patient
How to Successfully Meet the Standard for a Medical Surveillance Program for Incarcerated Workers
Improve Patient Engagement and Utilization through Cultural Responsiveness
Improve Retention and Preparedness With a Nursing Preceptorship Program
Improving Nurse Orientation Using a Blended Education Format
In Community: The Women's Wellness Unit at the DC Jail
Inconsistent Interactions Between Pregnant Women and Custody Staff
Infection Control in the Dental Clinic
Innovation Network: A New Approach to Advancing Adolescent Sexual Health in Justice Settings
It's the 21st Century: Time to Bid Farewell to Sick Call and Chronic Care Clinic
John's Journey: ASQing and Responding to Suicide Risk
Lessons in Outcomes Research from a Behavioral Health Unit
Lessons Learned in Developing a Post-Release HCV Treatment Program
Managing Wound Pain and Inflammation to Promote Healing
Medication-Assisted Treatment: Risks and Benefits
Mental Health Co-responder Program: Bridging the Gaps Between Corrections and Community
Mitigating the Impact of Incarceration on Housing and Employment
Mock Trial: How Poor Deposition Performance Can Come to Haunt You at Trial
Moral Injury and Moral Disengagement in Correctional Environments
NCCHC Resources Consulting: A Case Study of Potential and Success
Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Self-Care for a High-Stress Profession
Nursing Assessment, Interpretation & Treatment of Lung Sounds
Optimize Care with the Hepatitis C Patient Registry
Peer Education for Advance Care and End-of-Life Planning
PREA Implementation and Compliance: What It Means for the Medical Team
Primary Care for Hip Pain and Other Orthopedic Issues
Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall: Film Screening
Proper Prescribing Principles for Antibiotics in Dentistry
Prostate Cancer Update for Corrections
Protect Yourself and Your Facility Against Litigation
ReConnect Us: A Continuity-of-Care Reentry Program for People with HIV
Safety and Security in the Dental Clinic
Self-Injurious Behaviors: Assessment and Management
Set Up for Success: Strategies for Correctional Nurse Orientation
Sibling Sexual Abuse: Confronting America's Silent Epidemic
Special Delivery: Be Prepared to Assist in an Emergency Childbirth
Standardizing Your Medical Diet Program: Benefits, Rationale and Compliance
START NOW: How Skills-Based Therapy Program Improve Behavioral Problems
Staying Connected: The Virtual Care Journey in an Australian Prison System
Structural Empowerment through Shared Governance for Correctional Nurses
Substance Use Disorder Treatment for Pregnant and Postpartum Women 
Supporting Behavior Change in the Face of Resistance
Supportive Psychotherapy for Incarcerated Individuals
Telehealth: The Pandemic's Impact and a Look Into the Future
The Care and Management of Transgender, Gender-Dysphoric, and Intersex People
The Connection Between Human Trafficking and Corrections: Effective Interventions
The Current State of Medications for Opioid Use Disorder in U.S. Correctional Facilities
The Many Benefits of a Patient Companion Program
The Patient Is Shaking: What's the Diagnosis?
Transitional Health Care: Using a Holistic Model to Address Social Determinants of Health upon Release
Troubleshooting Routine Medication Room Audits
Understanding and Treating Antipsychotic Drug-Induced Movement Disorders
Using Pharmacists to Advance HCV Testing and Treatment 
Using Trauma-Informed Care to Improve Women's Health Outcomes after Reentry
Wait...THAT'S Deliberate Indifference? Learn to Protect Yourself
What External Suicide Prevention Programs Can Teach You: Lessons Learned 
Working with Female and Gender Nonconforming Individuals Who Have Committed Sexually Motivated Offenses
Workplace Bullying: More Common Than You Might Think